Marco Franchina embarked on his photographic journey at the age of 18, when he first embraced the camera's art. Hailing from Italy but nurtured in the landscapes of Southern California, Marco's lens has captured the world's myriad corners since he turned 21.

Commencing his vocation as a fashion photographer, Marco collaborated with eminent fashion publications, a launchpad that propelled his work into the spotlight. His prowess in Commercial and Advertising photography found its way into illustrious platforms such as The Los Angeles Times Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Spanish Vogue, Italian Vogue, J-Crew, Macy's, and Interview Magazine. Within these pages, he masterfully framed notable celebrities, his lens an extension of his artistry.

Yet, it was during this phase that Marco's penchant for Fine Art, Lifestyle, and Architectural Photography burgeoned. He found solace in crafting images that resonated beyond fleeting moments, diving into the essence of subjects, scenes, and structures.

Presently situated in the dynamic locales of Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Marco draws inspiration from the ever-evolving architectural tapestry and the historical resonance of these cities. Against this backdrop, his creative expression flourishes.

In the realm of fine art, Marco's photography and Art has found its place within galleries and exhibitions traversing the expanse of the United States. His visual narratives, once confined to the frame, now unfurl and resonate with audiences in the spaces where art converges with life.